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Eliminate the conflict from child support and shared expenses

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We securely record your child support payments

We know you contribute your fair share - and more - and you simply want to know your money is going directly to support your children.

Child Support Calculator

Calculate your child support based on your state. Try different support scenarios. Save and Export Your Results.

Child Support Agreements

Create a child support agreement that can be used for an informal agreement or can be filed in court for a an order.

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Learn more about child support, get insights from our recent articles and get your co-parenting questions answered.

Save time, money and headaches with the #1 child support app

“The latest update makes it even easier to manage child support and share expenses. Love the new UI too. Five stars!”

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Finally, you can be sure your hard-earned money is going where it should.

View your child support, alimony, and your children’s expenses in a single, easy-to-use application. Access your data on any web or mobile device. No more messy spread-sheets , boxes of checks or piles of receipts. Don’t risk a legal battle or penalties from the court - protect yourself with our Certified Records, available to print any time you need them.

Stop the monthly nagging from your ex-spouse.

Automate your expense tracking, receipts, and payments in a few clicks. No manual entry of receipts - we do it for you! Eliminate the need to discuss expenses and payments directly with the other parent. Handle all communications through SupportPay, and resolve disputes with our proprietary resolution process.

We are Here to Help Make your Life Easier

We are a private company and not associated with any state child support system. However, we have done this for so long that we’ve helped tens of thousands of parents navigate the complicated process of establishing and managing a child support agreement.

Don’t put your financial future and wellbeing at risk.

At any time - even after your kids are grown - your ex could claim she didn’t receive any money from you? Without proof of your payments and detailed records you may face owing all of your back child support PLUS 10%+ compounding interest. This could amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's happened to thousands of parents. With SupportPay you now have a certified record that can be provided as proof with a simple click of a button.

Give your children the support they deserve!

The most comprehensive co-parenting solution built for parents, by parents!


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